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Tree and Shrub Care


What We Do

Emerald Lawns provides a wide range of tree and shrub care services to the people in and around the Boise area. We can recommend a treatment plan and services to keep pests and insects away while keeping your trees and shrubs looking healthy, green, and growing!

We Serve Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Kuna, Star, ID and all of Ada County, Canyon County, Elmore County, Gem County and Valley County .

Services and Maintenance

We provide a large variety of lawn care services, tree maintenance, shrub maintenance, pest control services, and insect prevention. If you would like to schedule a consultation or for more information, please call us at 208-322-4700. Some of the tree and shrub services we offer include:

  • Tree spraying
  • Fertilization – spring feeding can help keep your flowering trees healthy all summer long
  • Deep root feeding – provides essential nutrients and root enhancement for trees and shrubs (Regarded as the most important application of the year)
  • Disease prevention – helps keep your trees and shrubs healthy
  • Systemic injections – delivers nutrient or insecticide directly into the tree, for season long results
  • Fungal Treatments- a common fungal infection is powdery mildew, which we are able to eliminate and prevent
  • Dormant oil – a safe and effective treatment to control insect populations
  • Insect prevention – controls insects throughout the plant’s growing season
  • Curative insect control – keeps insects from ruining the beauty of your lawn, trees, and shrubs

Years in the Industry

Our Clients say

Karen N.

“I’m very impressed with EL. I have a tree that needed some help and I thought it was going to be costly to save her. Dave came out and assessed it explained and educated, which I appreciated and assured me it was salvageable. Dave & the tech were very professional, on time and great to work with. Don’t go with a company that will bleed you dry. Its true. It’d be a sin to call the others. Been there. Done that.”

Justin N.

“They are great. They treated my trees for aphids. The leaves were cupped and curled and falling off, and they were able to turn the situation around and save my trees. They’ve been treating him for the past three years, and they look amazing! I highly recommend them.”

Reneé O.

“My lawn looks fantastic now! I use to do it myself and thought I could save money. I have found out that you don’t and it doesn’t look as good. Thanks to Emerald Lawn my lawn looks great and I don’t have to mess with it. Thanks!”

Duane O.

“I have used emerald lawns for over 3 years and I have the best looking lawn on the block. I could never get rid of all the candian thistle I had all through the yard but they were able to get rid of it and kept my lawn lush and green.”

Scott H.

“Awesome folks and my lawn is the best on the block!”